Walker Recap & Spoilers: S2, E7, 'Where Do We Go From Here'

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Walker Season 2, Episode 7, "Where Do We Go From Here," which aired Thursday, Jan. 13 on The CW.

Walker is back from its midseason break and the Texas Ranger and his family find themselves confronted by old family rivals and the resurgent crime syndicate, the Northside Nation. Without its star officer, Micki Ramirez, Cordell Walker and his friends find themselves feeling unmoored while an unresolved disagreement between Walker and his younger brother Liam comes at the worst possible time since the divided family is still firmly in Northside's crosshairs.

It's clear that things are still tense between Walker and Liam weeks after Liam filed a false police report on family rival Dan Miller, as an argument leads to Liam admitting to Walker's children what he did and that he stands the chance of losing his job as assistant district attorney. Back at the Texas Rangers headquarters in Austin, Walker is still unnerved by losing his partner Micki while Liam's error has led to the judge considering granting Thomas Serrano bail as Serrano's defense team argues that Liam could have similarly tampered with the investigation into Northside Nation. Despite all the damage that Liam has incurred, Captain Larry James urges Walker to make amends with his brother as the Rangers and district attorney circle the legal wagons.

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It's college visitation day at the local high school, though Stella is unable to decide what she wants to do with her life; a concern echoed by Coach Trey Barnett as he faces an existential crisis following Micki leaving him. James checks in on Trey at his home, and James noticed that a strange car appears to be observing Trey's house from across the street. James encourages Trey to stay in Austin rather than leave town in the wake of him losing Micki. As Trey and James commiserate over Micki, the Rangers alert James that the car across the street belongs to Northside, prompting him to escort Trey to the safety of the Rangers headquarters.

August continues to recuperate at home with his broken collarbone, helping his grandmother Abby tend the ranch. Dan's son Colton swings by looking for Stella but instead ends up hanging out with August, to Abby's visible consternation. Abby eventually opens up, revealing she and Colton's grandmother, Gail Davidson, used to be friends while the Walker and Davidson families have been feuding for years. Walker and Stella bond after school, talking about Walker's own professional trajectory and playing bocce before Stella tacitly convinces her father to reconcile with Liam. Walker admits to Stella that he privately feels guilty for steering Liam astray as he takes responsibility for his brother's wrongdoing.

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Liam reconnects with his ex-boyfriend Bret Nam rather than deliver a statement on Serrano's continuance; when Serrano's defense calls him to ask if he is officially recusing himself from the prosecution, Liam changes his mind and informs the lawyer he will deliver a statement. Bret and Liam realize that Serrano's defense is attempting to throw out the case against their client based on Walker's own prior misconduct case if Liam recuses himself, with Liam and Bret preparing to respond accordingly despite Liam being noticeably disheveled and intoxicated.

All parties convene at the Rangers headquarters, with James admonishing Liam for his unkempt appearance while Liam and Bret quietly admit they still have feelings for each other. Taking his brother back to the ranch to sober up, Walker and Liam finally reconcile as Walker expresses his deep concerns for Liam's wellbeing while reassuring his brother that he will always have his support. Dropping Trey back off at home, James is ambushed by gunmen outside, resulting in him being shot twice as Trey watches in horror, with not even the Captain of the Texas Rangers safe from Northside's reach.

Developed for television by Anna Fricke, Walker Season 2 airs Thursdays at 8pm ET/PT on The CW.

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