Tony Stark Is Still the Villain in Wanda’s Story

Wanda Maximoff and Tony Stark always had a rocky relationship, and WandaVision almost brought all of it back. A leaked unused storyboard from the Disney+ series features a Tony Stark name-drop that would've secured Tony's place as the villain in Wanda's story.

The original concept for Wanda's arrival at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters has the Scarlet Witch using a more direct approach to find Vision's body. In the final cut, Wanda calmly tells them that she knows Vision is there and asks to see him, but originally she is much more angry. In her anger, she compares Tony to Vision, who hasn't gotten the grand memorials Tony has. She also expresses her frustration at the fact that everyone believes Tony was the only Avenger that gave his life. She even brings up Natasha, but quickly dismisses her as she points out that the reason Natasha's still remembered is that she was human, unlike Vision.

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Tony didn't make the best first impression on Wanda. Avengers: Age of Ultron introduces the Maximoff twins as orphans grieving their parents, who died because of a Stark missile during the Novi Grad Bombings. After that, the twins joined Anti-American protests and developed a hatred for the billionaire. Even later, after Wanda and Tony patched things up, they never developed a genuine friendship. They were on opposite sides during the Sokovia Accord debates, with Tony often treating Wanda like a weapon of mass destruction. However, Wanda still attended Tony's funeral.

WandaVision tackles the issue of Wanda's origins once again by shedding new light on how Tony is at the heart of Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch. In Episode 8, Agatha Harkness theorizes that Wanda began her journey of using chaos magic to protect herself and her brother by stopping the missile from exploding. And even though Wanda may have forgiven Tony for this reckoning, it's never explicitly stated and the two never have a one-on-one scene together after Age of Ultron. It's entirely possible that these leaked storyboards rose from an inner loathing for Tony that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never focused on.

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It's easy enough to paint Tony as the villain in Wanda's story, even if Agatha was the true antagonist for the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision. Obviously, the writers and directors of the show had plans for Wanda to express her lingering issues with Tony through a mention of his death. The reason for this line being cut, however, may lie with how the MCU wants to treat Tony's legacy. Since his death, Tony has been mentioned in almost every MCU film and television series that finds his presence relevant. He has already played a big enough role in Wanda's origins, and it's possible the writers believed the scene as depicted in the storyboard would've caused too much speculation to center on whether Tony was a good person or not.

There's also the possibility that Wanda sees Tony tried to do right by her, in his own way. Tony brought her in to the Avengers Compound, placed her under house arrest, as he believed it was the best thing for her, and in some way, was reponsible for her relationship with Vision. He did have a hand in Vision's creation, after all. Wanda may always have resentment for Tony for her dreadful upbringing, but it might be that the creators of WandaVision saw the truth in Wanda's respect for him and chose to leave it as that.

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