How Marvel's What If Made a D-Lister the Multiverse's Most Powerful Mutant

Blink is one of the most obscure mutants to appear in the Marvel Universe over the years. The original incarnation of the character was killed early into her heroic career. She's played a minor role in X-Men stories since being revived, recently appearing in Way of X. She's such a minor figure that a multiversal variant of her has become a more recognizable incarnation of the character.

But Blink has a great deal of potential, with one reality's version of the teleporter even becoming one of the multiverse's most powerful mutants. What If...? #75 (by Stefan Petrucha and Greg Luzniak) transformed Blink into a cosmic being, immediately elevating the D-list hero into a potentially game-changing reality warper.

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On the core Marvel Universe of Earth-616, Blink was one of the young mutants targeted by Harvest. In the main timeline, Blink sacrificed herself to defeat the villain. But on Earth-957, Banshee's attempt to rescue her resulted in Blink's attack being turned outward. This spared the young teleporter but destroyed the mutants who would have gone on to form Generation X, and Blink was transported outside of reality. She eventually discovered that she was trapped in the realm of the In-Betweener, one of Marvel's most powerful cosmic forces. In this dimension, the teleporter began to gain access to his powers, allowing her to affect the reality she'd left. Now capable of observing her entire home reality, Blink tried to find a way to restore her teammates by affecting reality.

Using her powers, Blink was able to resurrect the dead and bring about world peace. However, she still could not restore the lives of her allies. Similar to Strange Supreme's discovery in the MCU version of What If...?, Blink coming to this plane (and the subsequent death of her friends) was a fundamental absolute point for her timeline. Trying to break it threatened to unleash chaos across her entire world. Her interference almost did that, with Blink barely controlling herself in time to save the reality, seemingly killing herself in the process. However, Blink survived and became the In-Betweener's apprentice, eventually learning how to control her powerful new abilities.

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Blink's natural teleportation powers gave her a unique edge as a reality warper, as shown when she effectively altered the timeline by blinking a new change into place to save Banshee's life. She even briefly destroyed the In-Betweener with her version of his power, hinting at how powerful this variant of the mutant really became. At his core, the In-Betweener is a cosmic being who serves as the agent of both Lord Chaos and Master Order. His job is to essentially maintain the balance and advancement of life. The In-Betweener is powerful enough that it usually takes the likes of the Power Cosmic wielded by Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, or other cosmic beings just to confront him, and yet Blink was able to destroy him with a single uncontrolled blast of power.

This version of Blink effectively became one of the multiverse's most powerful mutants. She was a reality warper on a scale that almost no one else has ever reached. That makes her a potentially crucial player in any multiversal crisis, although her oath of non-interference would likely prevent her from taking part in universe altering events. But if Blink broke her code, she could prove to be a major factor in battles against Merlin in Otherworld or the multiversal Masters of Evil. In theory, this Blink is one of the most powerful mutants Marvel has ever introduced. With her sheer potential, she could single-handedly win almost any conflict, yet remains all but forgotten.

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