Prime Video Debuts an Online Compendium of the Show's Mythology

Prime Video debuted an online compendium showcasing the substantial lore behind The Wheel of Time

Viewable only a few clicks away from the show's episode listing, the Amazon compendium contains profiles for the pivotal characters of Season 1, from Moiraine Sedai to Perrin Aybara. An interactive map is also available, showing the varied locations that this motley cast of characters will visit over the course of the season, as well as a timeline of The Wheel of Time's Third Age and information on everything from powerful artifacts to monsters featured in the series.

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Viewers who have watched the first three episodes of The Wheel of Time, now available for streaming, will recognize several of the places on the compendium's map, including the quiet Two Rivers village where Moiraine stumbles upon the series ta'veren -- those who can influence the strands of fate known as the Pattern -- and Shadar Logoth, the haunted city where Mat Cauthon stumbled upon his famous ruby-hilted dagger.

Longtime fans of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's The Wheel of Time novels -- who know that the world created by Jordan curiously lacks an official name, but has been affectionately referred to as "Randland" after main character Rand al'Thor -- will also enjoy zooming out on the world map to see how far it stretches. Other regions of The Wheel of Time not yet fully explored in Amazon's series, including the Blight and the Aiel Waste, are currently covered in clouds.

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The compendium's timeline will also interest series fans, offering definite dates for key events like the Breaking of the World, when the fabled Lews Therin Telamon attempted to cage the primordial Dark One and unleashed too much of the One Power, which is the force of magic in The Wheel of Time. Hidden within the compendium's listing of creatures is an entry on Bela, the shaggy brown mare of Rand's father Tam al'Thor.

Bela, renowned for surprisingly surviving a great many of the series' epic battles, has long been an in-joke to book readers, who have theorized that she might be none other than the Creator, the force equivalent to a god in The Wheel of Time's world. Series showrunner Rafe Judkins previously said that he was aware of Bela's popularity, and obsessively worried about getting the durable four-legged friend right.

The Wheel of Time is currently streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes airing Fridays. Production of Season 2 began in July.

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