The Wheel of Time: Bela the Horse Has a Long-Term Story Arc

The Wheel of Time executive producer Rafe Judkins discussed several characters appearing in the Amazon adaptation of Robert Jordan's fantasy series by the same name. In this number is Bela the Horse, a mare in the al'Thor family and a staple in The Wheel of Time books.

In an AMA on Reddit, a fan raised the question of whether Judkins "as a proper fanboy, will be keeping her [Bela] entire story arc in place as the creator's avatar on Randland?" Judkins responded, "Literally, everyone in the horse department knows everything about Bela. There are many elderly Czech men who have an eye on Bela's long-term arc in the show and they don't even know what the Wheel of Time is."

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The question is a direct callback to one of The Wheel of Time's biggest fan theories that Bela is the Creator, who manifests in the world after the effects of the Dark One start sweeping the land. This theory stems from Bela seemingly being ever-present when her rider needs her. The mare is also the most prominent mount in the books, having been around from The Eye of The World, which is the first book, down to The Path of Daggers, which counts as the eighth installment in the 14-book series.

Alongside Bela the Horse, Prime Video is also bringing beloved characters such as Aviendha, a Wise One of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel, who has romantic ties to the series' protagonist Rand al'Thor. Prime Video also revealed Loial the Ogier who will be played by Hammed Animashaun. Unlike Loial, Amazon is yet to disclose who will bring Aviendha to the screen.

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Prime Video's The Wheel of Time, announced on Apr. 20, 2017, has been met positive reviews, with fans praising its depiction of the characters, setting and lore. Although only the first three episodes are available to stream at the moment, the series boasts Prime Video's most-watched premiere of 2021.

Amazon announced the renewal of the series for Season 2 in May. The Wheel of Time: Origins, animated shorts that will accompany the subsequent release of The Wheel of Time episodes, was also announced by Prime Video. It wrote, "Explore the years and centuries before our tale. On November 19, see the new animated shorts on X-Ray by pressing up on your FireTV remote or tapping on your mobile device while watching The Wheel of Time."

The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time are available to stream on Prime Video with the fourth set to air on Nov. 26.

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Source: Reddit

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