The Wheel of Time Showrunner Explains the Changes to Loial's Appearance

Amazon's highly anticipated adaptation of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson's The Wheel of Time fantasy series has finally been released into the wild. Now, showrunner and executive producer Rafe Judkins has opened up about bringing Loial, one of the books' most cherished characters, to the screen.

In an AMA held on Reddit, a fan stated, "We've seen several of the leaked images [of Loial] that are way different from the book descriptions. I've also heard that Hammed brings the character to life," the fan continued, referring to actor Hammed Animashaun, who plays Loial in the Amazon adaptation. "Can you talk about the process of bringing this beloved character to the screen?" Judkins answered, "Hammed is incredible. For his physical appearance, we really tried to find ways to do a nod to what is in the books while making him a character that doesn't require VFX for us."

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Judkins added that the production "can't afford at our budget level to do a fully VFX core character well. So it would mean that he ends up getting cut from scenes so that we don't have to spend on him, and I didn't want that, as I love Loial and I love Hammed." In The Wheel of Time books, Loial is an Ogier, a gentle giant who is friends with Rand al'Thor, one of the series' main characters. Loial is described as almost 10 feet tall with a broad face, pointed ears and a snout-like nose. Being 90 years of age, he is also one of the youngest in the humanoid race of the Ogier.

Earlier this week, a promotional image offered a glimpse at what the character looks like in the Prime Video adaptation, and some fans raised concerns over Loial appearing smaller than described in the books. With the first three episodes of the series now streaming, some of these concerns have been quelled, as many fans consider the episodes an effective start to the show.

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The Wheel of Time currently serves as one of Prime Video's biggest premieres and is already drawing comparisons to industry titan Game of Thrones. However, Judkins was quick to brush off any parallels. "To be honest, the show is really not, and the books are not like Game of Thrones, and I said that to Amazon right up front," Judkins said. "I was like, 'If you are looking for the next Game of Thrones, this isn't it. What I'm going to pitch you is a series that is really different.'" He moved forward to explain that he thinks "when people say they're looking for the next Game of Thrones, often they mean something that pops the cultural bubble and exists in a hugely global space."

The first three episodes of The Wheel of Time are available to stream now on Prime Video.

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Source: Reddit

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