Wheel of Time Star Recalls the Lessons She Learned From the Failure of Doom

Rosamund Pike, who plays the lead character Moiraine Sedai in the new Prime Video adaptation of The Wheel of Time, reflected on lessons she learned from the 2005 film version of Doom, and how she approached acting in a property with a huge fan base nearly two decades later.

"I feel partly to blame in that respect because I think I failed just through ignorance and innocence to understand, to fully get a picture of what Doom meant to fans at that point," Pike told Collider. "I wasn’t a gamer. I didn’t understand. If I knew what I knew now, I would have dived right into all of that and got fully immersed in it like I do now. And I just didn’t understand."

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Pike, who was one of the leads in Doom alongside Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson, said that looking back, she was "embarrassed" at participating in the Universal Pictures production, which was a box office bomb, failed to make back its budget and received heavy criticism from fans for failing to capture the magic of the Doom video game series.

"I feel embarrassed that I was sort of ignorant of what it meant and I didn’t know how to go about finding out because the internet wasn’t the place it is now for the fans to speak up," Pike said. "I wouldn’t have known where to find them. I do now! In fact, I now have many friends who were massive fans of the game and I just wish I had known them then."

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In contrast, Pike fully dove into The Wheel of Time's fandom. Her casting as Moiraine was first announced in 2019 with the actor photographed holding the first book in the Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson-authored series, The Eye of the World, and Pike is even narrating a new audiobook version of the novel.

"I fully embraced the fan culture of this book series," Pike said. "I’ve spent hours finding out what they love and hearing what they have to say and seeing what they discuss on the chat rooms and all of that. And I just wish I had known to do that for Doom. So it’s a source of kind of regret for me that -- I just didn’t know enough about the business, to be perfectly honest.”

The Wheel of Time is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes airing Fridays. Production of Season 2 began in July.

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Source: Collider

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