Who Could Daisy Ridley Play in the MCU?

After her star-making role in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Daisy Ridley might be making the leap to another profitable Disney franchise. Recent rumors suggest the 29-year-old actor is in final talks to accept a prominent role in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe property. When looking at future projects Marvel Studios has announced, there are plenty of roles that Ridley could fill perfectly. Let's take a peek at several characters that could change the course of the actor's career as she moves past the Star Wars galaxy.


Spider-Man: No Way Home introduced MCU fans to the idea of multiple Spider-powered individuals on screen at once. In turn, now may be the perfect time to introduce comics staple, Jessica Drew. The super spy turned Spider-Woman could easily be introduced in a series like Secret Invasion, where she could win the hearts of fans.

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The idea of a female spider-hero running around isn't a new concept in the MCU. Jon Watts toyed with the idea by placing Cindy Moon on Peter's academic decathlon team in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Sadly, she has not been seen or even received a mention in any of the subsequent films. In addition, since the past Spider-Men's appearance in No Way Home, many have been calling for Emma Stone to return to play Spider-Gwen. With her fan base and a truly captivating essence, Ridley as Spider-Woman could fill that desire fans have to see a female hero in the Spider-Man franchise.

Susan Storm

When the MCU introduces the first family of the Marvel universe, it will be big. And by big, that means multiple films and series spanning ten-plus years of an actor's life. With Ridley's 30th birthday around the corner, she may be the perfect age to take on the mantle of The Invisible Woman. Depending on how they want to introduce the characters, seeing Sue at age 30 could give audiences the chance to truly get to know the character as she grows into the matriarch role of the team. Audiences know that she can work well in an ensemble and can bring the gumption needed to spar with a mind like Reed Richards.


With Ridley primarily known for her turn as a space-faring hero, it would make a lot of sense for her to want to play a villain or maybe something even more marketable, an anti-hero. One character that fits this bill and makes sense for the MCU to introduce is Lilith, the daughter of Dracula. There are two variations of Lilith in Marvel Comics that could easily be merged for a movie treatment. Both versions of Lilith interact with characters fans know are coming to the MCU, like Blade, and those they hope to see, like Ghost Rider. The Blade film is set to begin principal photography this summer and Lilith could be a great addition to the story as an antagonist who the heroes take under their wing.

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Sooner or later, some version of the X-Men and the mutant team's endless roster will join the MCU. Since Wolverine most likely will not show up for another phase or two, X-23 could be a great character to explore adamantium-plated mutants before his introduction. Exploring X-23 first could be a great way to differentiate the X-Men characters from the Fox era all the while building anticipation for Logan's first appearance. While this casting is completely dependant on how the X-Men are integrated into the existing universe, it would be a great role for Ridley. Fans have yet to see a vicious, unabashed and berserk performance from the actor, and this role could do just that.


Of the characters on this list, Rogue may be the best fit for the Star Wars heroine. Rogue is one of the greatest and most powerful X-Men characters thanks to her awesome power set, spunky personality and, of course, killer accent. Ridley has the look of Rogue and could certainly have a load of fun finding the southern energy that is inherent in every strong iteration of the character. This character has the potential to be a prominent part of the MCU at large, and Marvel Studios needs an actor who can bring in an audience and has the talent and the endurance for the long haul, all of which Daisy Ridley has in spades.

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