Hellfire Gala Reveals How the New Mutants Voted in Krakoa's Election

WARNING: The following contains spoilers of New Mutants #19 by Vita Ayala, Alex Lins, Matt Milla & VC's Travis Lanham, on sale now.

The Hellfire Gala has been a crucial event in the Marvel Universe for multiple reasons, bringing much of the world's attention to Krakoa and giving the mutants the chance to showcase how far they've come since establishing the island nation of Krakoa. Along the way, there was even a major election to decide the future of the X-Men going forward.

But Marvel has also been slowly revealing how the various mutants actually ended up voting and helping determine the new roster of mutant heroes. Notably, New Mutants #19 casually revealed how eight of the classic New Mutant characters ended up voting in the X-Men elections -- and that only two of them actually voted for their fellow New Mutants.

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The X-Men elections have been one of the most exciting elements of recent events on Krakoa. Following the events of X of Swords, Cyclops and Marvel Girl decided it was time to officially reassemble the X-Men. But seeing them as the champions of Krakoa, they decided to form elections to determine the roster. The final team was announced during the Hellfire Gala, consisting of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Polaris, Sunfire, Wolverine, Synch and Rogue. However, there have been some who've been annoyed by the announcement, ranging from Monet's clear frustration not being chosen for the position, to Boom-Boom tearfully complaining to fellow nominee Tempo.

During a group chat between the New Mutants, the longtime friends and allies Mirage, Karma, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Cannonball, Magma, Magik and Cypher end up revealing who each of them actually voted for. Notably, Sunspot -- who was also nominated -- is frustrated that Sunfire was elected when he considers himself the "best sun-themed candidate" who'd been up for the position of X-Man. After a bit of teasing back and forth, Sunspot demands to know who everyone actually voted for in the election.

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It turns out Cannonball was the only other New Mutant who voted for Sunspot. Magik voted for Marrow, Mirage went with Synch, Wolfsbane voted for Polaris, Cypher voted for Tempo, and Karma voted for Penance. Magma then has to quietly admit that she had in fact voted for Sunfire -- which just annoys Sunspot to no end. Sunspot even yells that everyone has been uninvited to his victory party, only for Karma to point out that it's hard to throw a victory party after you've lost. This also means that Mirage, Wolfsbane and Magma actually helped contribute to the elections of some of the roster.

While Sunspot and Cannonball already responded to their defeats in a teaser comic by Zeb Wells, Diego Olortegui and Rachelle Rosenberg, this brief moment is a nice reminder of the bond that exists between the New Mutants regardless of their current situations. They're able to come together and still have some fun with each other and at their own expense, poking fun at another even when some of them are leading the next generation of mutants (Mirage, Karma, and Wolfsbane), some play important roles within the Krakoa culture (Cypher and Magik), and some are even living on the other side of the galaxy (Sunspot and Cannonball). It's a sweet-natured sequence, and a reminder of just how close how the election actually turned out to be.

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