How an X-Men Icon Became Marvel’s Most Tragic Vampire

The Multiverse is filled with different versions of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. These variants are often twisted versions of heroes such as the Avengers and the X-Men, and in one case a veteran member of the mutant team endured a heartbreaking and tragic transformation.

In 2017's X-Men: Blue #10 (by Cullen Bunn and Giovanni Valletta) the time displaced, original team of young mutant heroes encountered an alternate reality version of the Goblin Queen and her terrifying team of superpowered terrors called the Hex-Men. The members of this twisted version of one of Marvel's premier superhero teams were all terrifying in their own right, but it was their version of Ororo Munroe (aka Storm) who made the biggest impact.

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Known as Bloodstorm in this reality, Ororo made the life-changing mistake of trying to pick-pocket Dracula, the Lord of the Vampires. Miraculously, the young mutant managed to escape the vampire's control and found a new home among Charles Xavier's X-Men. Unfortunately, Ororo eventually succumbed to her vampiric urges, killing both Professor X and Beast in her bloodlust and joining Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen. Upon meeting the young, time displaced Beast of the mainstream Marvel Universe, Bloodstorm turned on Pryor and united with the original X-Men.

In this way, Ororo was once again able to escape her dark past and embrace a surrogate family. She remained with the team until 2018's Extermination #1 (by Ed Brisson and Pepe Larraz) that saw her tragically meet her end at the hands of Ahab, who plunged a silver spear into the mutant vampire, causing her to crumble into dust.

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It is hard to imagine a more devastating route than the one this version of Ororo Munroe was forced to travel. While she both suffered from and overcame the vampiric legacy that had been thrust upon her as a child, it was also what ultimately sealed her fate.

The vampiric mutant known as Bloodstorm may not have been around for very long, but she stood out as a prime example of just how powerful any version of Storm can be. Her tragic life and heartbreaking demise are overshadowed only by the tremendous amount of willpower it must have taken for her to embrace a somewhat normal life among her peers when she was transported to the mainstream Marvel Universe.

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