A Longtime X-Men 'Ally' Is About to Become X-Force's Deadliest Villain

Marvel's X-Force is about to face off against a threat from within Krakoa itself.

Beginning in April, the X-Men's elite security team will fight Cerebrax, a mysterious menace that emerges in the wake of X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine. Writer Benjamin Percy will continue to helm X-Force alongside penciler and inker Robert Gill, who will now be taking over as the ongoing series' artist. The first issue of this new arc, X-Force #27, will feature a main cover by Marvel Stormbreaker Joshua Cassara and a variant by Gill.

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Percy says Cerebrax is a Cerebro unit that, upon gaining sentience, develops a hunger for intelligence and power. Cerebro has been a staple of the X-Men since the franchise's inception. Traditionally worn by Professor Xavier, the helmet enhances the wearer's psychic abilities and connects them to the minds of those around them. Marvel teases when Cerebrax awakens, it will target Forge, the X-Force's resident technical genius. Cassara's cover for X-Force #27 depicts Forge wearing Cerebrax, while Gill's variant shows Cerebrax attached to the team's members, suggesting that the machine will be forcing its will onto the X-Force.

In addition to Cerebrax's arrival, Percy teases that X-Force's upcoming arc will see Kid Omega undergo a significant transformation. The development of Quentin Quire has been a recurring plot thread throughout X-Force, as the young hero slowly comes to terms with his role in the X-Men and his potential as an Omega-level mutant. Furthermore, Percy says that X-Force's roster will experience a shake-up in the coming months as they prepare to confront the Man With the Peacock Tattoo's true identity.

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Since launching in 2019, Percy's incarnation of X-Force has positioned the team as Krakoa's intelligence, security and military all-in-one, becoming the mutant equivalent of the CIA. However, after connecting with a mutant named Pike, Wolverine let his guard down, making the team susceptible to a trap. Pike betrayed Logan's trust and kidnapped a trio of mutant babies, passing them off to the X-Men's enemies. Though X-Force managed to save two of the children, they failed to retrieve the third. This failure has weakened the team, making them vulnerable to Cerebrax's attack.

X-Force's new direction is just one part of "Destiny of X," a new status quo that will envelop the X-Men titles beginning in March. The series produced under this banner will be jumping-on points for new readers while also pushing forward the existing narratives. The line starts with Immortal X-Men by Kieren Gillen and Lucas Werneck, which focuses on the Quiet Council, who have learned the truth behind mutantkind's eventual downfall. Now, Krakoa's governing body has to push forward to try and prevent the dark futures of Moira MacTaggert's past lives.

Written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Robert Gill, X-Force #27 goes on sale April 6 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel Comics

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